About Me

Gary Crook - Cross-Platform App Developer - Founder of Pragmateq

App Development Based in Cambridge, UK

Hello, my name’s Gary Crook. I’m a¬†full-time cross-platform app developer for the iOS and Android platforms. I started Pragmateq back in 2009 and I’m based just outside the city of Cambridge, UK.

I specialise in development using the Appcelerator Titanium SDK, which allows me to build great mobile experiences faster using JavaScript, with 60%-90% code re-use between platforms. Apps built this way are fast and lean native experiences.

With the addition of Appcelerator’s newest technology called Hyperloop, I can quickly extend an app to utilise any native platform features as soon as Apple and Google make them publicly available.

I can ready your app for Google Play and the Apple Store submission. I’m also experienced in other technology such as HTML5, APIs, PHP, SQL, Xcode+Swift and more.

Please contact me now if you have any projects to discuss, or just want to reach out to me.

Live long and prosper in business and life!